Experience a Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon at www.calaluna.com

Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience where you can totally relax and spend some quality time together with your partner. Of course, you want to ensure your honeymoon runs smoothly so it is extremely important to choose the perfect destination. Whether you are looking for romance, adventure, relaxation or anything in between, you will never go wrong when you choose to experience a unique Costa Rica honeymoon at Cala Luna.

If you are considering a romantic Costa Rican gateway, it is important to know more about what Cara Luna has to offer. This magnificent beach hotel will allow you and the love of your life to enjoy the beauty, romance and comfort that only a truly luxurious resort can offer. Cala Luna offers many facilities and countless opportunities to honeymoon couples that you should make the most of. Here, you and your significant other can enjoy private accommodations, breathtaking ocean views and exclusive amenities such as spa treatments, adult swimming pools, special offers for couples and a huge selection of thrilling adventure tours, among other resort benefits. In addition, you will enjoy a front row seat to some of the most breathtaking sunsets on the planet from your own private balcony.

To commence your luxury honeymoon, you can spend some quality time relaxing by the adults-only swimming pool as the renowned Cala Luna chefs prepare you the delicious appetizers or your preferred Costa Rica honeymoon meals. If you prefer a sense of privacy, you may want to spend more time by your private pool. This offers you total privacy and enables you to spend some quality time with your partner and celebrate your union to the fullest.

If you want to get out and discover the magnificent landscapes offered by cost Rica, you can enjoy one of the numerous tours, enabling you to have an unforgettable experience. There are many tours that enable you to explore the beautiful white beaches during sunset and you can also enjoy tours that take you by sail boat, enabling you to fully experience the beauty of the sea.

If you are planning a unique honeymoon experience, be sure to choose Cala Luna. This will enable you to explore the resort and everything it has to offer. You will also get an opportunity to plan every aspect of your honeymoon to ensure every detail is perfect. Since they offer the most romantic and relaxing honeymoon experiences to couples, you can rest assured that you will treasure this experience for the rest of your life.

Featured Hotel: Gaia Boutique Hotel & Reserve

This is our hotel pick of the month. The multi-award winning Gaia Boutique Hotel and Reserve located in Costa Rica’s exotic Manuel Antonio Beach.

Gaia Boutique Hotel Overview

Gaia Boutique Hotel - Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Right in the midst of world know Manuel Antonio beach in Costa Rica’s central pacific coast is the eco-friendly adults and teens only Gaia Boutique Hotel and Reserve. This exotic Costa Rica luxury hotel and spa, offers natural green sceneries blended with modern amenities. Originally it was a conservation center for orchids and other endangered species and it was extended to become a resort where people can experience nature in the coastal forest and still feel like they are in this century.


Gaia Boutique Hotel & Reserve offers 6 different luxurious room types:

• A 2-bedroomed villa with 2 bathrooms, living room and dining area for six.
• One bedroom deluxe suite, normal suite and studio with dining area for four, one bathroom and living area. The difference between the three is just amenities.
• Jungle view suite and studio are located in the clubhouse building and have one bedrooms, sitting area and stone shower.
• Finally there are family deluxe suites and family suites which are near all the major amenities like spa, restaurant and pool.

Gaia Boutique Hotel - View From Luxury Room


La Luna restaurant serves local and international cuisine for guests any time of day. Special orders, romantic dinners and cooking classes from their top chef can be arranged on request. Happy hour at Ambar Lounge starts from 4 to 6pm where drinks are cheap and there is live music.


On top of room service, the Gaia Hotel and Reserve offers transport to and from airport, concierge services, tour of the nearby attractions and laundry services.


There are 3 tiered infinity pools with great view of the forest, a fully equipped business center that is free and a small scale fitness Centre. On top of that there is a state of the art spa where trained therapists keep the guest relaxed and invigorated. A full beauty salon is also available inside the Terra Spa.


The hotel offers tempting vacation packages like the Jungle Adrenaline package which is a four day action packed trip in the Manuel Antonio area, Couples Retreat package, Pura Vida and Extended Stay packages make Gaia Hotel the best luxury hotel in Costa Rica.

The 10 Best Tips For An Amazing Vacation

The dreams of a great vacation, at some point, everybody becomes vulnerable to it’s seducing powers. Day dreams of escaping work, the old routines, the day to day. It is said that 30% of Americans do not utilize all of their vacation time. That same survey states that the reason as is of an internal fear of losing ones job if they were to break away.

The 10 Best Tips For An Amazing Vacation

Start putting together an awesome getaway!

The opportunity to tear free from the daily norms of our reality is virtually an invaluable prospect for many reasons. Taking that great vacation reduces stress, promotes the health of our bodies, benefits creativity, brings people together and most importantly creates a better sense of our well being on every level imaginable. When that moment finally arrives when you decide to take a breath, step back and get back to you, doing it the right way is the key.

Provided here, to help navigate your journey, is this handy list of the 10 best tips for an amazing vacation:

1- Figure out what you want:

So, first things first, realize your theme. Is it to see a new place? do you just want to relax? there are so many different places and ideas to consider. For some folks, traveling to a new and different place can be a bit uncomfortable. The other side of it is that if you don’t travel far it may give the feeling of almost being in your neighborhood. A good rule of thumb is to simply ask yourself a series of questions, then eliminate them until you hit the masterplan.

2- Secure accommodations:

As well as you might already know, not being prepared with transport and lodging can throw an overwhelming monkey wrench into the mix. A bad experience with an airline or hotel can leave a bad taste, so make sure to do something different this time.

3- Get itinerary happy:

Having a plan of your every move, as mundane as it sounds, can be the world of difference. A well oiled schedule will allow you the freedoms to concentrate on other things while in vacation mode.

4- Stress be gone:

Simply put, manage time properly. If you are late to your flight and mania ensues, it can set a negative tone that may never lift. This is a vacation remember? try not sweating the small stuff.

5- Investigate:

Know your destination. Stuff like the weather, clothing, laws, ect, are really good to know ahead of time. You will then find that less surprise does a vacation good.

6- Luggage time:

Don’t pack your entire home but also try to remember the essentials. Clothes, toiletries and even snacks and batteries. Preparation is the assassination of desperation.

7- Safeguard your stuff:

By keeping a good eye on your belongings and locking such items as laptops, cameras and cell phones, it staves off any serious issues like theft. If your mind drifts and you walk away even for a second, things could get ugly.

8- Be realistic:

It can’t be stressed enough, having delusions of grandeur can create the ultimate letdown once the reality of your vacation is sets in. Know what to expect, be real and everything is great.

9- Follow your instincts:

Spontaneity can be fun. Even though planning is usually efficient, don’t lose yourself. Ride the tide and try to enjoy what comes at you. you’ll be glad you did.

10- Relish in your moment:

Put the planning and agenda aside for a time. Kick back, take it in and simply enjoy your surroundings without that pushy annoying voice in your head telling you to move. Relax, you have the 10 best tips for an amazing vacation to take the load.